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"A" Claro, "AA" Claro, "AA+" Claro

"AAA" Claro

Various grain patterns on high-end "AA" & "AAA" California Claro

How to Grade Wood

"A grade" - Usually straight grain with ample figure but not excessive. A good, all-around wood for building, however not as fancy.

Price range per blank from $95 - $150

"AA" grade - Usually has nice figure and some burl with good figure on both sides. One side is usually a little nicer than the other.
High AA gets more uniform on both sides and often has a hint of fiddleback through the blank.

Price range per blank from $185 - $250

"AAA" Grade - Highly figured on both sides with both sides matching up very well. Usually has very good figure or burl at the butt section and very good and rich straight grain up through the forearm. Most but not all have a little bit of fiddle flowing through the stock.

Price range per blank from $285 - $325 and up



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