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Don't take our word for it. Here is what some other people have to say about Master Class Stocks, Inc.

"Alex Sitman's knowledge of the shooting sports, combined with his willingness and skills to adapt to his customers needs is what makes Master Class Stocks, Inc.'s products, services, and craftsmanship the best in the industry."
Carl Bernosky

"Alex has done various projects for me over the years and consistency is what he offers. He is consistently honest, even to the point of talking me out of spending more money! Day in and day out, a Sitman bedding job will shoot to the same point of impact. I have been at competitions where my rifle and myself got drenched from downpours. After removing the barreled action, drying things, and reinstalling to the same torque, the rifle is right back in the X ring at 1000 yards with absolutely no zero shifts. In my opinion, this is the signature of a top notch bedding job!"
Kent Reeve

"Over the years, as a sight maker for most of the competitive shooters in the U.S., Armorer for the US Palma Team, and rifle builder, I've had the opportunity to get to know Alex as one of the best stock makers there is. His bedding and finishing of rifles for competition is as good as it gets. There is a working relationship Alex and I have that affords a customer the ability to get a rifle in a relative short time frame. His work is always top notch, and I recommend him to everyone that comes my way for stock work."
Alan Warner, President of Warner Tool Co.

"Just a note to tell you that the work you do in your shop is probably the best I have ever had sent to me. It is nice to see quality work." 
Jim Hart, Hart Rifle Barrels, Inc.

"Just a little note to tell you of my confidence in the rifles you have built me. They are made to high quality standards in fit and finish and they shoot very accurately."
Henri Bealem

"Over the past eight years I have had about a dozen rifles stocked and bedded by Alex Sitman. I have not only been satisfied with the work he's done, but have also come to value Alex's opinion on how to put a rifle together so much that I would no sooner have one built without his advice than I would go to a match without ammo. His opinion is that valuable to me because it comes from a tremendous base of experience covering Highpower, Smallbore, and Silhouette shooting and gun-building, not idle speculation."

"Alex is a meticulous craftsman who disdains the "trick of the week" school of gun-building. He focuses instead on ensuring that the customer's needs are met with a rifle that fits and functions to perfection. I unhesitatingly recommend Alex Sitman to those of you reading this who are looking for a stock maker and stocking gunsmith." 
German Salazar

"During the past three years, Alex has stocked four rifles for me. The first rifle he stocked for me, a M70 course rifle, I was amazed at the bedding -- it was PERFECT! My riflesmith, who builds BR/HBR rifles, was extremely impressed with the stock and bedding job, asking me 'who bedded this?' The stock to action fit, plus the perfection of the bedding, leaves know doubt in my mind that the rifle is capably of cleans at 600 and 1000 yards."
Robert Metaxas

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