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Black/Silver, Navy Blue/Silver, Green/Silver

Maroon/Gray, Neon Green/Black, Wild Grape/Silver

Olive Drab/Black, Navy/Lava Transition, Neon Blue/Neon Red/Black


*Most any 2 Color Gel Coat combos can be special ordered.

Some common combos are:
   - Black/Silver
   - Navy Blue/Silver
   - Maroon/Silver or Gold
   - Green/Silver



Prone Stocks
Master Class Highpower Prone
F-Class Prone
Smallbore "1600" Prone
Warner Prone
H + H Prone
Robertson Original Prone

Highpower Match Stocks
Master Class Highpower Match

Benchrest Stocks
Master 1000 Benchrest

Semi-inletted Blanks

Colors Available
Wood Laminate
Textured Paint
2 Color Gel Coats



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