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Here is a true pair of All-American 22 Rimfires by Master Class Stocks.

Top rifle is a Morgan built on a Rosewood laminate stock, pillarbedded and completed with Anschutz rail, turnwheel cheekpiece and DV 4-way buttplate. We used a custom trigger guard to accommodate the Kenyon trigger and Morgan style hole spacing of the action. Barrel work was done by Karl Kenyon.

The bottom rifle is a Remington Model 37 built on a Traditional laminate stock, pillarbedded and completed with the same hardware as the Morgan. Again, a custom trigger guard was used to accommodate the Kenyon trigger. Barrel work on this rifle was done by Ken Kleinendorst.

Every piece on these two rifles is 100% American, which is sort of rare today. Proud owner of this pair is Chris Dunphy.



Anschutz 54 left hand match with a special built LH position stock in target camo finished in satin oil. Rifle has been pillarbedded with a turnwheel cheekpiece and DV 4-way buttplate installed.

The DV 4-way buttplate allows for up/down, in/out travel, rotates left and right on the in-and-out rod as well as casts off either left or right for the shooter who needs either cast on or cast off.



Nesika Bay action on an H&H stock in a transition 2 color gel, with custom trigger guard, 3-way and turnwheel cheekpiece. Action was 'smithed by Mike Ross of Ross Precision installing the barrel and the special order Grunig 2 stage Trigger.



Highpower Prone stock in target camo, satin oil finish, black ebony wood crossbolt, built on a Nesika Bay Model J with Jewel trigger in caliber 6.5/284. Stock work by Alex Sitman, metal work was done by David Tooley.



Claro walnut prone stock built on an Anschutz barreled action, with custom trigger guard MasterClass turnwheel cheekpiece, and Anschutz 2-way buttplate. Pistol grip was stippled for better grip control. Satin oil finish.



Left hand F-Class stock in Apache Gold with Right hand savage barreled action in 6.5/284.


Hall Rimfire stainless action with Douglas barrel smithed by G. Thompson of Toledo, Ohio. The stock was done by Alex Sitman of Master Class Stocks in a blue/black laminate, in the Thumbhole Match configuration. The stock was pillarbedded and also has all the following accessories installed: thumbwheel cheekpiece, Anschultz rail, DV 4-way buttplate with hook attachment, and a custom trigger guard fitted to the stock to accomodate the Anschultz trigger, with the Warner trigger shoe extension.



Tikka Model 595 in caliber 6/250. The stock was built for this action by reconstruting the entire tang area. The deep belly allows a great off hand position while housing the clip and floorplate. The clip release was milled into the side of the stock. It also features an aluminum clip guide in the front of the trigger guard. The barreled action was built by Mac Tilton of MT Guns and he also installed the Barnard 2 stage trigger designed for the Tikka action.



Target Camo laminate stock with a 3-way buttplate and adjustable cheekpiece. Stock features the satin oil finish and custom trigger guard. Action is a Nesika Bay Model K with a #15 palma barrel in caliber 6.5/284.



A rare Morgan smallbore rifle re-stocked by Alex Sitman at Master Class Stocks. The stock is made from California Claro, AAA+ grade. Stock is fully adjustable for fit and comfort for those long prone matches. Proud owner is Terry Lightner.



This Nesika Bay repeater was stocked using the Master Class Highpower Prone. Stock was built fully adjustable. Stocks were painted with the Desert Shadow texture finish. Barreled action was done by Fred at Sabreco, owner is Robert Whitley.



These rifles are all built on Master Class Highpower prone stocks in LH with LH RPA Quadlite actions. Barrel work and rear sights by Warner Tool Co. Owner is German Salazar.



Nesika Bay Model J, 6.5/284 in Richards Micro fit thumbhole stock. All stock work by Alex Sitman.



Borden Right Bolt left port barreled action. Barrel and action by Jim Borden. The stock was done using African Obechee wood laminate in the Standard varmint style. All stock work was done by Alex Sitman.



Winchester Model 70 built on a green/black laminate in the Highpower Match style stock from Master Class, Alex Sitman, builder.



Remington Model 700 6/250 built on a black/gray laminate stock by Master Class.



Master Class Highpower Match on a Winchester Model 70 rifle chambered in 6.5/08 with a Krieger barrel. Metal work on this rifle was done by Al and Dan at Warner Tool Co.



Master Class Highpower Match on a Winchester Model 70 in 6mm/250. Barrel work by Hart Rifle Barrels and stocked by Alex Sitman at Master Class Stocks. Stock is walnut tone laminate with satin oil finish. Black ebony cross bolt plugs highlight this stock as well as the vent slots in the forearm. Master Class 3-way Buttplate and turnwheel cheekpiece assures proper fitting of this Great Looking Rig.


RPA Quadlite built on a Master Class Highpower Prone stock with all hardware and vent slots. Stock was built around the new RPA "Blue" trigger housing using the new style trigger guard as shown. Metal work and scope rail was done by Warner Tool Co.


Nesika J model in 308 Palma. Stock designed by Alex Sitman at Master Class Stocks in walnut tone laminate with Warner adj cheekpiece, Master Class 3-way buttplate, Anschutz rail and vent slots. Custom trigger guard protects the Jewel trigger. The barreled action was 'smithed by Warner Tool Co, as well as the rear sight and scope base.



This Beautiful Traditional Laminate stock was built by Alex Sitman at Master Class Stocks For Stephen Boelter. This long range varmint rig features Adjustable cheekpiece, Master Class 2-way Buttplate that travels up/down and a removal front swivel stud. The action was pillar bedded using 3 pillars and Devcon to assure the utmost in accuracy. The action is the RPA Quadlite with all metal work done by Darrel Holland. Caliber is .243 AI.



Highpower Match in brown/brown laminate, built on a Remington stainless steel 40x, .243 caliber. Stock work done by Alex Sitman of Master Class Stocks.



Beautiful tiger striped piece of California Claro built on a Barnard action in 6.5/284. Stock was built by Alex Sitman at Master Class. The stock features a high-gloss oil finish. Metal work by Warner Tool.

The New F-Class Stock from Master Class built on a Barnard Single Shot action from MT Guns. Stock work by Alex Sitman of Master Class.

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