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The Walking Varminter Rifle built by Master Class Stocks. The rifle components are: New Ultra Light Arms barreled action on a Model 20 repeater in 17 Mach IV caliber, Douglas Air Gauged barrel, Jeweled Bolt, Timney trigger, Metal work was Satin Matte finished and blued. Stock was built by Alex Sitman using a High Tech Model 7 Remington stock custom fitted and altered for the Model 20, The action was then pillarbedded and matched to the stock. The lightweight stock was fitted with a Pachmyer pad and was Olive Drab textured painted with light camo pattern. Scope is a Leupold 4.5 x 14 in the matte finish mounted on Dave Talley aluminum rings. Total weight of rifle is about 6 3/4 lbs.

Click here for a photo of Kirk McKendree, proud owner, and his early success.



Master Class Walking Varminter stock with adjustable comb. The cheekpiece adjusts for perfect eye alignment behind the scope when using the larger 50mm scopes. No wrenches or locking is required, simply turn the thumbwheel to where you feel the most comfortable and it stays put until you turn it back down. The barreled action is the new Stainless Remington Model 700 Light Varmint in 22-250, fluted barrel, and blind magazine box. The stock easily accomodates the light varmint barrel contour as well.  All stock work was done by Alex Sitman at Master Class Stocks.



This is the new rifle from Master Class. The barreled action is an Ultra Light Arms built on a High Tech fiberglass stock. The fit and finish are outstanding. Rifle incorporates pillarbedding with full contact bedding on the barrel. Blind magazine box makes this an extremely clean and weather tight rifle. Made for those who hunt in weather that keeps most hunters home. Weight ranges form 6 lbs to a little over 7 with a standard Leupold scope. Balance and accuarcy are outstanding. Stock a granite textured paint finish and barreled action is matte finished and blued. This rifle is a 300 Win Mag caliber.



Borden Right Bolt left port barreled action. Barrel and action by Jim Borden. The stock was done using African Obechee wood laminate in the Standard varmint style. All stock work was done by Alex Sitman.



Sako Model 75 in 30-06 caliber with a Hart #4 taper stainless steel barrel, Dave Talley rings and bases, and a Swarovski 3-10 x 42 scope. The stock is a McMillan Sako in fiberglass. Pillar bedded and painted by Alex Sitman of Master Class Stocks. The entire barreled action was Teflon coated matte black in "Mountain Extreme"



Remington Model 700 in 300 Win mag, with a Hart #3 taper stainless steel barrel. Metal work was done by Hart Rifle Barrels. The High Tech stock, built by Alex Sitman at Master Class, uses the blind magazine box. Stock has been pillar bedded and the barrel channel was completely rebuilt for fit and finish. Stock was painted with our granite finish and a Pachmayer Decelerator pad was installed.

The second photo shows cheekpiece side of Custom Remington 700


Remington Action with a Hart #3 Taper 300 Win Mag barrel at 26". The action was blueprinted and then coated with a Black Matte finish in "Mountain Extreme" after all metal was hand fitted to the stock. The Rifle was stocked and fitted by Alex Sitman at Master Class Stocks, The stock is a High Tech Fiberglass/Kevlar with a Pachmayer Decelerator pad. The stock was pillar bedded and textured painted in the granite finish. All work on these hunting rifles is extremely neat and functional. The fit and finish is outstanding. The rifle is topped off with a Zeiss 5.5 x 15 scope in Leupold dual dovetail rings and bases.

The second photo shows a close up of the fit and finish by Master Class.


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